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New Delhi,

Sushiya is a Japanese restaurant serving mostly sushi with a few outlets operating in a few select localities of south Delhi. They also two outlets in Gurgaon and one in Lakshmi Nagar. They don’t have a dine in facility and only delivery is available. This in no way says that they might lag in quality. In all honesty, they have some of the best sushi available in Delhi.

I had ordered from their Malviya Nagar outlet, it being near my house. I had once tried sushi before but that experience was sort of a let down for the servings were too small. But, at Sushiya I was surprised to see the size of their sushi. They were quite big, enough to kill your hunger.
I had ordered a super mini box, an assortment of eight sushis packed inside a box. The selection had options of salmon, tuna, crab and a little more salmon. The main concern mostly with sushi is the rice. With Sushiya the quality of their rice is not something of worry. Even the fish and crab used tasted fresh.
The second and the final part of the order I don’t remember what it was called but it was basically chicken teriyaki skewers. There were two in the box looking sort of like a popsicle. The taste was actually good which cheers up the spirits in case they are lowered considering the quantity of the skewers.
Overall, a great place to order from whenever you feel like eating sushi.

The Coffee Bond

The Coffee Bond

Uday park

New Delhi

The motive of this small outlet located at Uday Park market is to build a bond with customers over coffee and a few dishes. In others words, building customer relationship is their vision. It is a small outlet designed in an American way and the menu too is inspired from the America. It has seating outside and inside as well.

Service is quick and should be appreciated.

Coming to this drinks, one can try wide range of drinks fom the menu ranging from hot coffee to cold coffee to smoothies to shakes and so on. Out of all i would recommend shakes. Try peanut butter chocolate shake or brownie shake. The shakes are thick, creamy and rich in taste. My experience with the cold coffee was a disaster. It was bland and something to be avoided. Brewed coffee can be given a try.


Brewed coffee

What to eat?

Humus and pita sandwich. Delicious humus spread on a toasted bread. Served with quinoa salad. You should try this.

Mushroom sandwich is another recommend dish. Toasted bread stuffed with baked mushrooms and onions. This tasted good but had nothing Extraordinary in this. This dish is served with a dip.

Spaghetti is their speciality. Portion is good enough for two people. This is not too spicy and just perfect. There could have been improvement in this, otherwise it was something i will go again for.

Smoothie bowl is one dish i would recommend to health freaks. Fruit smoothie loaded with fresh cut fruits, nuts , oats and cornflakes. Giving a fitness freak perosn a reason to come to this cafe all over again.

Deserts, I wini recommend to anyone. Brownie is dry and average is taste whereas the orange almony muffin tasted average.

I would return to thid plsce only for meals…

The Hook

The Hook

Sector 29

Gurgaon, Haryana

Located at sector 29 main Market , Gurgaon, Haryana attracts youth from all over the city to experience multi cusine. Nearest metro station is IFFCO chowk.

The Hook is located right above dunkart botanist. It has two floors which are somewhat designed like a cruise. This place is famous for sea food but a few other things are good as well. Moreover, thid place has a bar and liv music ( at night).

Now coming to the food and drinks.

In ordered watermelon mocktail. It was made using fresh fruits and sweater. It was soothing and refreshing. Melon mocktail on the other had was equally good.

It is a micro brewery too. Beers lovers can try some freshly brewed beers.


Fish and chips are their spaciality and are a must for fish lovers. Fish and chips were crunchy, not too oily, and perfectly spiced. I would recommend this dish. This dish is served with a dip.

Fets stuffed jodhpuri poppers are good to go with the alchohol. Little spicy and crunchy to complement the alchoholic drinks. Big sized green chillies are stuffes with potatoes and feta cheese and then deel fried. Sounds tempting? Give it a try….

Amritsari fish is another dish which compliments alochoholic beverages. Fish is coated with spiced gram flour then then deep fried. Although this dish is deep fries but it is not too oily. I would recommend this dish only to spicy food lovers. This dish is just okie. Do not expect alot from this dish.

Thai curry with rice. This is not authentic thai curry but tatses some what like a goan dish. Order at your own risk. For me , this dish can be missed.

Vada pao is something I would come here again for. The vada pao which is being served hete reminded me of mumbai and authentic mumbai vada pao. Soft, fresh and big buns, a good sized and well made vada and the chutneys. It tasted soo good that I ordered it twice. Srved with perfectly sliced and crispy chips.


Tiramisu was something I expected to the extraordinary but turned to be a disappointment. It was just average in tastes andthe more you eat it will taste bitter late on. Not recommended.

Mango Mousse is the flavour beof the season. It tasted good but it was not mango mousse, it was mango whippy cream instead. Ignore this desert.

Finally an exceptionally good desert landed on my table and cherished me. Frehsly prepared coconut icecream which is garnished with coconut powder to add an extra flavour to it. This is worth traveling miles and worth spending money and time on. Highly recommended.

I had an amazing time here experiencing some new and different to eat and drink.


A home delivery outlet located in various cities at various locations, serves a few dishes at a good price.

What to order?

Rolls: Be it vegetarian ir non vegetarian, rolls are what one should order from this place. The wrap is thin chapati like, in which various types of stuffings are wrapped. Paneer ( cottage cheese), chicken, mutton, soya al lots more. The rolls are filling and are not oily.

An evening….

Evening dress

Go simple in evenings this summer. Lock all your boring jeans and tops. Buy a few printed dresses with different but simple design. Add freshness to your look. The dress wont make you feel trapped in something but it will make your look light and trendy.

This is a cotton printed dress with a lining inside, Chineese color and buttons in the front.

No makeup in summers…. Wear a light coloured lipstick if you wish to.

Go with something in beige or brown. You can also try white colored shoes with laces ( which are in fashion this season). Go and flaunt your style!

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Essex Farms


New Delhi.

Located in south Delhi near Hauz Khas. Nearest metro station is Hauz Khas metro station. It is a place which reflects class. Many term this place as a typical south Delhi cafe. I had noticed this place since years and finally went inside to try out why they serve.

This place is beautifully designed with wooden theme. The entrance itslef has a wooden bridge styled floor. It has a huge pastry counter at the entrance. There is an indoor seating and outdoor seating as well. Wondering what is this palce famous for? The answer is Bakery products.

The indoor seating area:

The out door seating area:

What one should try at this place:

1. Cold coffee: thick and creamy strong coffee with chocolatey flavour in it. Note it, there are only a few places in Delhi which serve such good cold coffee

2. Shakes: the brownie and oreo shakes are a must. Thick and creamy, loaded with chocolate and flavours. Moreover the decoration add an excet look to them.

3. Plum tart: I just love deserts and the tarts are something I crave for. I have tried tarts at many places but none can beat what you get here. The tart has buscuit base which is soft, buttery and crunchy. Vanilla sponge crumbled cake is places over the base and then garnished with plums. I must have dish when you enter this outlet.

4. Classic cheesecake is a baked cheese cake which is extremely soft and thier speciality. This is highly recommended to have in here. Don’t leave this place without trying on this dish or else you will miss out somey good.

5. Classic tart is thier specialty too. What makes classic tart different from other tart? It has coconut in it. When coconut flavour combines with vanilla flavor, a rich taste evolves.

6. Sandwich: a sub sandwich filked with veges , cheese and chicken is enough for one and compliments deserts and drinks well. This is not something extraordinary but good in taste.

7. You can try PIZZA if you are a pizza lover. Thin crust pizza topped with chicken or vegetables with a good amount of cheese in it.

8. Black forest pastry: it is just like any other black forest pastry of good quality as compared to the other.

9. Hot coffee can also b given a try. I am not a hot coffee lover but I tasted it and it was good. Moreover, the presentation is attractive.

There aremany other deserts and savory which can be tried. You won’t regret on any dish.

Service is quick and helpful..

Have a great outing!

Coffee Haat

Coffee Haat


New Delhi.

Remember those times when you were in school or college and was in hunt for a good cafe which serves basic meal at a reasonable price? Or a place where you can have a meal with your friends over chit chat! Your dreams or needs might not have been fulfilled at that time but now you can fulfil the same.

Moreover, today college or school students have the opportunity to get into a cafe which serves meals that won’t dig a hole in the pocket.

Students can get extra 20% discount by showing their ID cards.

Coffee Haat, located at main market , SDA offers healthy, nutritious and affordable meals. Prices are between 20-70 INR.



Flattened rice, lightly fried with onions @60 INR, is an healthy option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This dish is garnished with salted saviya ( Indian snack).

Masala vermicelli

Hot and spicy Vermicelli with tomatoes in it. One serving is enough for one person. Priced at 70 INR. there are others flavoures as well.


Cold coffee

Strong coffee with just the right amount if sweetness will make you active. Its taste is somewhere near to filter coffee. Priced @60 INR.

Rose Milk

Remember rooh-afza milk? Its just the same. Chilled rose milk. A healthy add on to your daily diet.


They do not bake thier own cupcakes. They get the readymade one’s and serve the same instead. It is served hot. Priced at 20 INR per piece.

They too serve cookies, maggi, tea, rajma chawal, kadi chaw and a few more drinks!

Do try this outlet….

Rating 5/5